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Name: PT-8388K
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Tel: 7548481011 
Type: Household appliances  
Producing area: Guide Science Technologies Co., Ltd. generally 
Brand: pt 
Sell the mode: Sell in batches and sell  
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Minimum quantity: 50[pcs] 
Wholesale price: 548 
Servo + decode and chasing trinity form chip Dolby AC-3 of the line scanning , DTS , WMA , HDCD , digital album ,etc. and decoding 5. An independent sound channel overall compatible DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/DVD-R/RW/CD-R / RW/ MP3/WMA/HDCD/PIC-CD/DrOKO standard audio frequency and video, end son of S, weight of colour difference, computer end son of VGA, optic fibre, the coaxial,SCART last intelligence there aren't the software intelligence not error-correcting not superstrongs, friendly interface of man-machine dialogue
Built-in Karaoka disc , many angles of level , multiple languages , many subtitles with professional Karaoka disc, can choose to adopt LCDTV technology in ordinary picture and picture of 16:9, the automatic protection superstrong error-correcting function standard of the screen is broadcast to make the picture quality more clearly and await the opportune moment remotely, put soon , single frame broadcast , not slow to put , broadcast excellent choice ultra wide power voltage (110V quick 240V ) all dustproof to design to short out automatic protection when selecting